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1. Preserve Ridgefield’s Image and Personality:
– Safeguard Ridgefield’s unique “Norman Rockwell” persona.
– Promote Ridgefield as a leading cultural and Arts destination.
2. Strive for Sustainable Economic Growth:
– Identify Internal and External Best Practices that can support existing businesses.
– Secure new tenants to include regional and / or national occupants that would significantly increase foot traffic and  contribute meaningful tax revenue.
– Identify short and long term parking solutions.
3. Geographic Focus:
– Focus initially on Main Street, as well as Catoonah, Bailey, Governor, Prospect.
– Promote & Support the Potential Branchville TOD Project.
– Support Implementation of an approved Schlumberger Plan.
4. Innovation & Branding:
– Develop Active Marketing, primarily supported by the imminent re-design of our town website.
5. Improved Coordination & Communication:
– BOS <> State & Federal EDC <> Chamber of Commerce <> Planning & Zoning <> Parking Authority