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How Do I ?

Start A Business

Start by answering 20 questions,
  1. Why do I want to start a business?
  2. What business is of interest to me?
  3. Where will I find my customers? (My Market)
  4. What specific products or services will I provide?
  5. How much time and money will be needed to get started?
  6. How are my products or services different than the competition?
  7. Where is the ideal location for my business?
  8. How many people are required to operate efficiently?
  9. Who would my suppliers be?
  10. How many competitors already exist in my target market?
  11. How will I market online, or compete with on-line.
  12. Will I require a loan?
  13. Are there any Federal, State or Local subsidies / Grants available to me?
  14. What is my break-even point? (Products or services sold / Month to absorb all overhead costs?)
  15. What will be the theoretical selling price of my product after considering costs of Raw Materials and Overhead, (Margin)?
  16. What legal structure is best for my business?
  17. Have I considered all of the taxes to be paid?
  18. What kind of insurance do I need?
  19. Who will manage the business?
  20. How will I advertise?
Write Your Business Plan

Based on answers to the 20 questions above, begin to draft a Business Plan.