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Ridgefield, CT is where people go to start a (successful) business

As of last count, there were 2,970 businesses in Ridgefield, CT., businesses of every size and category. There are 21 large companies in Ridgefield with more than 100 employees apiece. The town’s largest employer is Boehringer- Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals. And there are 2,640 businesses with less than 10 employees, just one indication of how vibrant Ridgefield’s small and start-up business community really is. On average, approximately two new businesses open every week! Some will surely grow into major success stories.

The Connecticut Small Business Development Center (CTSBDC)

sbdcCTSBDC provides FREE business advice services to both prospective and existing business owners to help them start or expand their business. CTSBDC is funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development and the University of Connecticut. The SBDC program is one of the nation’s largest small business assistance programs in the federal government with a proven track record with 35 years of service to small businesses. Make an appointment today to meet with an advisor, it’s FREE! Their Danbury office 855-428-7232 or their website.

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Ridgefield is home to businesses of every size and category. Here are just a few of the places that make Ridgefield a great place to do business.

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