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Unapproved RECDC Meeting Minutes
January 11th 2017 at 6:30pm
Small Town Hall Conference Room

In Attendance: Arnold Light, Robert DeFalco, M Augustus Ryer, John Devine, Karen Sulzinsky
Absent: Paul Levine
Guests: Geoff Morris, Lisa Terry

Meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m.

December minutes approved.
Motion John Devine, 2nd Gus Ryer

First Floor Retail Update

 Arnold and John met with the BOS on January 3rd to seek approval for the $12,000, First floor Retail Tax Incentive requested for the remainder of FY 2017-18. After a lengthy discussion the BOS passed a motion by unanimous vote to offer a contingency of only $6.000 matched by a like amount from landlords.

We discussed the ramifications of this motion and determined that it was useless in terms of what we are trying to accomplish to bring more retailers to Main Street. A motion was passed rejecting the above BOS motion of January 3rd by a vote of 4 for and 1 against. Arnold Light stated that the ECDC position would be discussed in our monthly meeting with Rudy Marconi taking place on January  12th at 9AM.

Town PR Campaign Committee

 Arnold announced that he has resigned from the Committee due to time commitments. He stated that there is another meeting of the Committee on January 17th. Geoff Morris who is also involved in the Committee said that he was not sure of his status as he sometimes does no receive notices of meetings.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Ridgefield 2018 Jazz Fest

This is an important event that the ECDC supports. No input from Alison Stockel. Gim Burton, an ECDC outside volunteer has also nor been contacted. John said he would be in touch with Alison to get a status report

ECDC Web Site Update
Bob D reviewed the website activity for the month of December.  Numbers still appear to be good. See Attachment A. We discussed Bob’s departure in March and concluded that we would need a Commission member to manage a part-time webmaster who would handle all of the changes and additions on a daily basis. It will be on our agenda to speak to Rudy Marconi  on Friday, January 12th. Gus has taken over the Facebook page since Stephany’s departure.

 2018 OGSM
Prior to tonight’s meeting, John D. supplied several documents for discussion that outlined the purpose of OGSM. The discussion centered around the length and number of tasks in the 2017 OGSM and the difficulty with meeting and fulfilling the obligations we set for ourselves. It was agreed that that we would modify the OGSM for 2018. John will draft with input from the Commissioners an OGSM to be presented in our February 5th meeting

Charter Revision
Since the formation of the 2018 Charter Revision Committee was formed, John D. suggested we look at the ECDC’s portion of it since it has not been amended in 10 years. One suggested change John wants to recommend is that the ECDC has control of the revenue it receives from Town and the ability to create income that could be spent on ECDC projects to help generate more revenue for the Town.

Another suggestion is that all Town agencies such as Police, Fire, Safety, etc., report to the Town Selectman instead of Town Commissions.

Gus Ryer sent all Commissioners a copy of the Town Charter to review for our meeting on February 5th.

­­­­­­­­­­­Meeting adjourned at 8:26 p.m. Motion by Gus R., seconded by John D..

Attachment A

December Website Summary Report.
(Google Analytics Statistics submitted under separate cover).

  • Our existing Search Phrase performance is very good.
  • Most of our previously established Google Search Phrases reflect Page #1 performance and many in the #1 page position. (See Stats)
    For search Phrase: “CT Economic Development”

    • “ridgefielddevelopment.com” is on Page #2 Position #3.
    • “CT.gov” is Page #1 Position #1.
    • Fairfield CT” is on Page #1, Position #3
    • No one submitted potential new Search Phrases in December.
  • December was a decent month for Users and Sessions. At 1589 Users and 2111 Sessions, performance was down in December compared to our record November, but represented increased performance of 1600% and 2100% respectively over December 2016.
  • Referral traffic (425 Sessions) was good in December. Facebook represented 390 sessions, 92% of all referrals.  We need to keep up the work in Facebook.
  • Landing Pages: The Holiday Stroll topped the list of landing pages with 986 Sessions, followed by Calendar Events, Home Page, and Senior Gold Directory.
  • Seasonal slider photos were changed from Thanksgiving to December Holiday themes.
  • Gus took over facebook posting responsibilities from Steph (who resigned from the commission this month).
  • Resulting from my meeting with Paul Roche and his assistant last month, Ridgefield Parks & Recreation added our Logo & URL to their website in December.
  • What’s New on the Website:

 Recent Merchant Directory Changes

    • Merchant Closings
    • Merchant changes to Senior Discounts
  • ADA Compliance for Small Business
    • PDF sent from Ridgefield Social Services
  • Commercial Property Listing
    • Michael Pizzo, Office Space, 3000 Sq Ft.

Still no Website Referrals or Website Content coming in from our ECDC commissioners. We need:

  • Input for Commercial Properties in our Real Estate Directory,
  • Additional Merchants for the Business Directory,
  • New Success Stories,
  • Website “Post Ready” Business articles

My begging is not working!

Bob D